Tourism  is the third largest industry in the state of North Dakota and offers some of the best opportunities for economic development for the state.  Join the North Dakota Travel Alliance Partnership (TAP) in its efforts to keep it growing!

Would your  business survive without the visitor industry?

Can you  individually afford the constant monitoring of legislative issues related to the travel industry?

Should your  business be left out of decisions affecting the future direction of the visitor industry during critical legislative discussions?

The North Dakota Tourism Alliance (TAP) was originally organized in 2000 by the Destination Marketing Association of North Dakota.  In 2001, TAP merged with the Tourism Cluster of the New Economy Initiative (NEI), which was coordinated by the Greater North Dakota Chamber of Commerce. In 2018, the organization was incorporated as the North Dakota Travel Alliance

Industry with Big Returns

Tourism is a rapidly expanding industry worldwide and in North Dakota.  Exciting new trends such as eco-tourism, combined with the commemoration of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, provide an important impetus for tourism industry growth.  Investing in tourism marketing means growing North Dakota.

"A top initiative at every one of the original eight TAP meetings held simultaneously across the state was to establish a statewide travel association, thus the formation of TAP."                  

                                                                                                                  - Randy Hatzenbuhler
                                                                                                                    T.R. Medora Foundation