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  • Securing the largest general fund increase for marketing in the history of the Tourism Division

  • Passing local enabling legislation to allow communities to generate additional marketing revenue

  • Defeating the worst of the hunting legislation

  • Increasing the state lodging and meal reimbursements

  • Creating the tourism infrastructure grant program and securing funding for it

  • Securing millions in new money for tourism-related infrastructure

  • Passing legislation to allow rural businesses to have a tourism directional sign along the highway

  • Maintaining the Cultural and Heritage promotional dollars

  • Passing legislation supporting agritourism

During the 2023 Legislative Session, TAP will monitor and report weekly on bills pertaining to the travel and tourism industry. Key legislation includes House Bill 1018, which provides funding for the North Dakota Tourism Division and includes a $50 Destination Development Fund to 


ta Tourism  and industry stakeholders successfully lobbied to assist in securing $7 million in tourism marketing funding and additional grant funding, including $2 million for travel agent and tour operator emergency resiliency grants and $2 million for event center emergency grants. More on the 2021 Legislative Session can be found in the final report.

More on the 2021 Special Session can be found here.

"Tourism is a vital and growing component in North Dakota's future economic efforts. TAP provides an invaluable leadership role allowing all industry components to focus on education, legislative issues and development."

                                                                                                                          ~ Bill Shalhoob

                                                                                                                     Former TAP Chairman

"TAP provides an ongoing forum for industry members to network, address mutual problems, work with government, and increase their profitability"

~ Julie Rygg
                                                                            Grand Forks CVB

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